Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update: Finally!

    Alright folks. I did say life was going to get busy, but I had no clue how right *that* was.
Soooo here is the deal.
I am now a volunteer firefighter/EMT with the Santa Fe Fire Department, Edgewood District. I got a job at Wal Mart, (for anyone who hasn't seen me there already), and am back in school, working toward A/EMT-- (Advanced EMT) to be certified in the national registry. Basically, that means that anywhere I go in the states, I would be qualified to get a paying EMS job with a service or Fire Department. As things stand right now, I am simply volunteering in order to get some needed skills and real-life experience for the future in my medical career.
I am SO thankful for how God is leading me and opening doors in this field, and I am set in my goal to help spread the gospel of Christ through this job.
A cool perk of the EVFD (Edgewood Volunteer Fire District) is the group of dedicated men and women I have the pleasure of serving alongside. I could not have asked for a more professional group to begin my career with.
Just recently I became certified with Santa Fe, and tonight got fitted with bunker gear, which is what you see firemen in all the time. I got the works, from the helmet down to the boots.

Today the word was ladder drilling, and we worked everything from extension ladders to Roof hooks and everything in between. 

I am going to turn in pretty quick here, but I will be back soon to post about my Front Sight trip and whatever else I left off from my post months ago...

                                                                        A final word.

Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men. 
--Colossians 3:23

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Brief Update


          I have been so busy lately, my computer time has been seriously limited.  Getting on to check my email has been a rarity, let alone posting on the blog! 

         The past two weeks in short form are as follows:

1. Got hired at the Edgewood Wal-Mart supercenter as a sales associate:
  a.  Hours were 0300 (3:00am) - 1200 (noon), but moved an hour later.  
  b.  Despite it being only an hour later, 4:00am is actually a much better and easier time
       to work than 3:00 - 12:00. 
2. Finals week started...need any more be said?
  a. I just completed my lab assessments, which are basically simulated patient treatments for the EMT.
  b. I'm currently waiting on grades for my math final, which did go very smoothly, and I am not too
      worried about at all.
  c. I have a biology lab final tomorrow.  Early.  Coming in from Edgewood to Main CNM campus.
  d. EMT-B theory final is Thursday!!!
  e. final day of EMT lab is subcutaneous and intramuscular injections.  One performed on a classmate,
      and on performed on me by a classmate. 
3. I'm housesitting for a couple weeks,
4. I am attending an open house for my Civil Air Patrol squadron (High Desert Composite) tomorrow at
    the Masonic lodge on Highway 66.
  a. Heather Wilson is going to be there.
  b. My store manager is going to be there.

          That about sums life up as I can remember it at the moment.  Life is busier than usual, and that is good.  As I like to say, it keeps me out of trouble and off the streets.  My intention at the moment is to take a trip to Santa Fe as soon as I recieve my basic certificate in order to see if I can make it into the May EMT-B exam block for the state of New Mexico.

          I have had little free time recently, but I do enjoy playing a few tunes on my guitar from time to time. 
These are a few of my current favorites and ones I am practicing/polishing.

Those Who Wait by Tommy Emmanuel

Here Without You by Three Doors Down

Here Comes the Sun by The Beetles

Take a Bow by Rihanna

Back in Black by AC/DC

Till next time...adios.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ride-Along Update

Time for a little more information from my ride along.
I can't publish information on who the patient was due to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), but since I don't have much information on them anyway, I can pretty much tell you about the calls. 

          The first call was for an "unresponsive" male patient at an apartment complex.  The call  came in as a "Delta" priority from dispatch, so we responded what we call code 3 with lights and sirens.  That was my first ever time in an emergency vehicle like that, so I was extremely happy--just about giddy. 
Anyway, Kris looked at the residence area and said "I think we've transported this guy before.  Watch, we'll get there and he'll be responsive and want us to take him to the hospital."  Upon our arrival, Kris said "yup, this is the guy.  He has gotten combative before, so just make a note of that."  When we entered the room, sure enough, the man was responsive and complaining of nothing in particular, just that he hurt everywhere. 
He was able to get to the ambulance, so we began transport.  Once in the ambulance, the patient began complaining of chest pain, so according to protocol Kris hooked up the EKG or electrocardiogram to the patient to monitor his heart rythm and make sure he was stable and not having a heart attack or cardiac dysrythm.  Once we got to the hospital, the patient decided he felt OK and walked to the restroom while we turned in the patient report.

         Our second call was a shortness of breath call that we actually ended up letting the fire department take care of.  Residential neighborhood, husband called for wife.  During the time we were there, the fire medic asked the wife some questions, and when the husband answered for her, she screamed at him in full, coherent sentences, so we knew she was breathing quite well. 

          The third call was a little more interesting.  It came in as a "Charlie"-- respond code 3 for a possible MVC (motor vehicle collision) with pedestrian involvement.  it looked like a madhouse when we arrived  on-scene.  There were at leas two police squad cars, on fire engine and one fire ambulance inaddition to ours.  The fire EMTs already had the patient, a young woman appearing to be in here early twenties, backboarded and stabilized.  Kris asked the patient some of the standard orientation questions such as "what day is it?  Where are you right now?" and things of that nature.  This patient was unable to answer the questions given, so transport was indicated.  Once she was in the ambulance, Kris started an IV to keep her from going into shock.  He found that she was intoxicated at the time, and explained to me that that was the probable cause for here inability to answer the orientation questions.  Upon further examination, no evidence of physical trauma could be found upon the patient despite her complaint of pain in her legs.  Obtaining a history of the incident was pretty much impossible due to her uncooperative demeanor.  Once we got to the hospital, I actually got to lead the team in transferring her to a hospital bed from the long spine board.  After delivering the report, we reported ourselves back in service. 


          The fourth call was hands-down the best call, and quite a rare one at that.  We were dispatched at "Bravo" priority to the residence of victims of a previous MVC.  Upon arrival, we learned that the patient had walked from the scene of an accident to the residence.  Once we got the patient onto the gurney, Kris took his lung sounds because he was presenting with dyspnea and tachypnea, or difficulty breathing with fast respirations.  He could barely speak three words before having to take a few more breaths.  Kris looked surprised and said "You know you're missing a lung, right?"  The guy knew he was in pretty bad shape, but what he didn't know was that his exact condition was a tension pneumothorax, or air separating the lung from the chest wall, crushing it, and pushing it against the heart and other lung.  Due to the possibility of other unseen injuries, an IV was started, and rapid transport was initiated.  The interesting thing about this patient was that out of all of the patients so far, he was the most polite, the best historian, and the most normal seeming one so far that night.  We transported him to the trauma center at UNMH where he recieved a surgery on the spot.  With the pneumothorax condition being fairly rare, it is uncommon for a medic to just get to see a surgery normally, much less on a first ride-along.  It wasn't overly gory, but did remind me why I wanted to be the EMS medic patching someone up rather than cutting someone open for an emergency surgery.  They put a chest dart in the patient.  though not completely alike, it was similar to the posted link. 

WARNING: it is a graphic video, so don't watch unless you can handle blood and bodily fluids.

          All in all, a very good first ambulance ride. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Don't Get On My Nerves...In Class?

  It is officially down to the last few weeks in the first year of college!  It's been a bittersweet--mostly sweet journey full of God's blessings and provision for my life. 
          One interesting thing is that the last few weeks have exposed one thing that gets on my nerves MAJORLY.  That would be people not taking things seriously.  I can understand it when my friends joke about things and give me a hard time for being "too serious".  (;   However...when you are in an EMS class learning how to save someone's life?  That is a different matter altogether.  I actually *sternly* said something to two of my classmates earlier. (If you know me... *sternly* and Corey...well, they really don't go together very well usually).  They just don't usually *happen*.  Anyway, I went so far as to actually raise my voice and tell them "Don't stand over your patient!  Roll him the right way!  You know how to do it, so do it.  In the real world, things won't be so easy for you!!" 
          It may sound like I am overreacting, but think about this.  You are backboarding a patient.  Immobilizing them on a long spine board.  Manually stabilize the head to protect the vital nerves of the spinal chord.  Apply a C-collar to help immobilize the cervical spine.  Inspect and palpate (feel) their spine for any deformities, trauma, open wounds, things of that nature.  Roll them onto a backboard using the count of the responder who is stabilizing the patients head.  "1, 2, 3, (roll)." 

There are a few more steps after that, but without going into them, just know that they are simple, straightforward steps to keeping a patient safe for moving. 
          The consequences of not properly applying an LSB are far-reaching and severe for the patient and even the responder. 
          If the patient is not fully "packaged" in the correct manner, they could be paralyzed for life.  That in itself is a reason--a perfecly good reason-- to backboard someone *correctly* every practice time around. 
For me as an EMT, if I do it wrong, I could be sued for negligence-- a breach of duty.  Something any other good EMT would never do under any circumstances. 
          I know my medical terms can get extraneous and boring at times, but when you apply it to real life, that could be the life of your loved one, or even you that I will be working to save someday. 

I want my care to be the absolute BEST I can provide, and if I see anything less in myself or another, I cannot and will not tolerate it.
          Now, with that in mind, it is also more the attitude of the person.  If they are struggling with a skill, I am totally OK with that, and ready to help them so that they understand and can complete it. 

Sooo....if you don't want me yelling at you...try not to kill people through thoughtlessness.  Can't stand it...though I'm fairly certain that no one reading this blog would do such a thing. 

         Recently that has been teaching me to stand up for something.  I used to be such a pushover, letting things like carelessness and neglect thrive...even in my spiritual life--not just in other poeple--but in myself as well.  I would not take chances that God put right in front of me, just because of my sheepishness.  I am coming to realize just how much we as Christians have been entrusted with spreading the word to unbelievers-- that the world is not right, they are sinners just as we are, and they deserve eternal punishment--just as we did before Jesus rescued us and brought us back from absolute death. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stuff...and a Ride Along!!!!

          Time for a post that doesn't have a terribly large amount of significance-- something of a personal update more than anything.
          Lately I have been doing mostly nothing but study EMS terms and other items of interest for school and my future career. 
Really, medicine is SO interesting if you know what the body systems do and why they do it.  Ah, I'm sure there are a lot of people who would disagree with that statement, (who wants to know about all that gross squishy stuff inside anyway?)  but hey, pursue what you enjoy and you will always like your job.
          I recently took an ambulance ride with a service in Albuquerque.  That was hands-down the best overnighter I have EVER pulled, and probably up there near the top of the best 12 hour periods in my life.

 It is an amazing thing, being part of the thread of hope that an injured person can cling to.  Conversely, there are people who want help, but don't want to listen to or do what they are asked.  It reminds me of the human relationship to Christ.  Many people want His help, but do not look or listen to what is best for them, but only what they want out of the relationship.  Many "patients" in life do not even want Christ's help at all.  When someone truly cries out to God for help, it gives Him great pleasure to be the light in the dark, hopeless world that seems to close in around them. 
          Anyway...I was the third rider with a medic named Kris and an EVO (Emergency Vehicle Operator) named Felicia.  Kris and Felicia are six and three year veterans of AAS respectively.  They are both outstanding medics, and great to be along with.
          Some things learned during the ride.

1.   Things are NEVER as they seem at first.  (more on that later)
2.   I have a black cloud hanging over me.  People get hurt when I'm out and about.
3.   People ALWAYS lie.
4.   Calls that come in as very serious or life threatening...frequently are not.
5.   And vice versa.  U.S. military veterans will go as far as apologize for taking up your
      time and may even try to tip you for your services--even though they are practically about to die. 
6.   EMS is a LOT of sitting around and waiting for something to happen.
7.   When something DOES happen, it is likely to be a small incident.
8.   Nearly everyone who hurts themselves is either intoxicated or high. (or both. (or has been recently))
9.   The vast majority of patients do not notice or care about how the medic is doing physically, even
       if the medic is coughing and in pain. 
10.  NEVER walk away from the scene of an accident.  Just don't?  For your own good? 
       For me?  And your local EMS?  (; 
11.  NEVER NEVER NEVER do drugs. 
   a.)   or become an alcoholic.
   b.)   or smoke.
   d.)  I won't judge you if you do, but you are killing yourself. 
12.   Ambulances serviced by female paramedics are the most pleasant smelling and clean vehicles you
        will ever have the privilege to be in.  Not even kidding.  
13.   In EMS, one can stereotype and be correct 99.9 percent of the time.

That is all for now... I'll give some more specifics in my next update.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kindness: Excellence in Everyday Life

Your attitude in public affects so many more people than you think.  It's not just the way you carry your self, the way you talk the way you look, but it's also how you interact with other people.  All those factors can make or break some totally random person's day.  For example, the person at school who asks you for help on the computermay be having a rough day and just need something to distract them from all the hardships of the day.

“An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up.”  --Proverbs 12:25

          Your demeanor when you are answering could be the difference between them interacting with a friendly person or conversely someone whom they regret talking to or even looking at at all.  Humankind in general is attracted to a good personality, a kind, easygoing demeanor, a friendly attitude, and a willingness to be of service at a moment's notice. 
It could literally be the difference between a kind face that gives them a little relief from the strains in life and says "I am glad you asked me for help, let me show you how Jesus would respond", or a heartless cold shoulder that communicates more "I want to talk to you like I need a gaping hole in the top of my head."

          If you interact with people and open up with them a little, just being yourself, you will find that there are infinitely many people who you will come into contact with that are just neat people.  They have a good outlook on life, and are willing and eager to say things to make your day better as you have made theirs.  If you don't reaspond with a smile, maybe you will never know these people and you will definitely be missing out.
          Show a Christ-like demeanor not only when interacting one-on-one with individuals, but also in any other situations that require it.  Someone's day can quickly be turned upside down by traffic.  As I was driving to shcool this morning, I was stopped at a traffic light waiting to turn left when I got a green arrow.  I cleared left, right, and front, then I started into my turn when I was about a third of the way through, a car came zooming into the intersection just slow enough to stop directly in my path.  I said out loud "What in the world..?"  and looked at the individual in the car.  I'm chuckling as I type this, but the poor guy was very apologetic, obviously noting his error and not wanting me to get angry at him.  My first thought was "How would Jesus respond to something like this?"  My second thought was "How many road rage incidents in America have been caused by people gesturing and yelling and screaming etc?"  Answer: a whole lot. 

          I could guarantee you that Jesus would gesture and holler and shake his fist at something as fleeting as this.  Why in the world should we? 

All this to say, demonstrate the love of Christ in the little things of everyday monotony.

"Let a man regard us in this manner, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God" 
--1 Corinthians 4:1.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thoughts about love...

Here is a chat message between me and one of my best friends from a while back.  I really enjoyed typing it up and overthinking everything.   Take a little time to think about the love of God that he demonstrated to us.  Maybe you'll get a new cool perspective on things from this, or maybe it will bring back memories, but here it is...

Her question:       "What do you think is the POINT of unrequited love? I mean...WHYYYYY in the world does it even have to happen? Is unrequited love ONLY infatuation (even if it is immense infatuation), or is it real love? And why, if you are going to love someone and they don't love you back, why isn't the love simply one of friendship at first? Why doesn't it just stay at friendship and not move past that? I guess maybe it depends on the people and their situation and emotional scale or something? Maybe it's just another "experience" that God decided to throw in the mix of life? If we didn't have unrequited love, would it be better for everyone, or worse?
I just want to figure out the WHY behind it...

Just some questions...and if you want to answer them you should! I am asking the same questions of another friend and want to find out other peoples' opinions on this.

My answer:
          Weeeeellll....I don't know that one myself. Things WOULD be much easier without it.  However...
I believe iut is multi-faceted. I may nail down a more definite "if there was one I had to choose" at the end.

So, the *pont*(s) of unrequited love. The first big one that really comes to mind (and is probably the main one I'll come back to) is that...unrequited love points to Christ. Odd? I'm still trying to figure that one out, but the way I'm seeing pieces fit is kind of like this.
Christ died on the cross for our sins. In doing so, he LOVED us WAAAAAAY before we even knew him--when our whole existence in time-space (wherever that is in the eternal scheme of things) was as an enemy of God and all He stands for. Thusly, when Christ loved us, we were incapable and indeed, when we *did* live without Him in our lives, His love was unrequited. That said, though we do love Him now, there are many that still don't, some that will in the future, and some that never will. It's the same as unrequited love. Some end up working out in the long run, others never do. For me as a Christian, it just points out that the whole pont is that "God demonstrates His love for us in this: While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8

So, he demonstrated His love, it was an exercise of His volition. He KNEW some would never accept Him, yet he chose to love and be rejected.

point/question 2...
Unrequited love can be infatuation in some cases, but just becuase one person doesn't return it doesn't make it any less REAL. A person my *do* something to make it infatuation, but love is love is love. Infatuation is infatuation is....yeah. I see no reason why the actions of the one who does not love the other should affect the way they love. If opposition were to stop everyone from doing a difficult thing, no one would EXCEL, no one would ever FIND OUT if it were meant to be, no one would surpass expectations for their own life!!! Infatuation fades, and fades quickly. Real love persists--not to the point of being stubbornness, but to the point of knowing when to stop. If one person's hate for God affected us as to make us quit immediately, we would never evangelize or step out of our comfort zone!!! Again, just a parallel, not a bad thing in the case of the "love-ee". :P Which brings me to...

3. It's about taking risks.
Risks may scar, be remembered, hurt, etc. Love isn't *safe*.  It's *good*, but not *safe* by a long shot. My personality...I just like to take risks from time to time. It varies with my mood, but one thing I learned is that risks are not always just spur-of-the-moment decisions, but sometimes meticulously planned--for gaining more knowledge, and what's more *WISDOM*--what to do with that knowledge. With those risks come learning and a wisdom that surpasses the wisdom one had before the unrequited love. For example, in learning about someone while having a love for them, even if it is not returned, one learns how to better serve them and be a friend. Future knowledge like that can soften or even prevent future scars and struggles with *other* loves, friends, ventures and...wait for it...more calculated risks. (:

I think as to why does love not just start out as friendship...I think it really does. If it starts out *too* soon, I think yes, it could very well be infatuation. However...what makes a love--no matter how unrequited a love it is-- a love? In a true love (and this is not a Biblical parallel as much as it is a definition) someone sees something particular in the other person that they admire that they don't in other people.
(Phileo love) know different types of may start out as Eros--romantic love. If it progresses past that, it's probably going to be real. It goes to the Phileo stage. At that point, with both, one has seen in the other something they admire. The other person, however, may have Phileo love without Eros love--thus even though they may want to be friends, the "romantic" part is not there. The elements of Phileo are present in both parties in a (true love) unrequited love situation. In infatuation, there is just Eros for the one, Phileo, Agape--uinconditional love, or even nothing at all in the way of love for the other. Also--love must progress past the physical outward appearance to be real and not infatuation. The "something" one sees in another person must be a greater, more important attribute (than good looks or a fun personality, etc.)

I think this is all tying back in to the *point* of unrequited love, though. It's hard keeping everything straight... :P

Anyway, depending on how the "loved one" responds to that, it may just very well *not* pass beyond friendship. If the "love-er" sees that Eros love is not present in the other, most likely if it was a true love, they will still want to be friends with that person. (ie. because of the special attribute they saw in the first place).
It will pass oftentimes in *infatuation* as well, the difference in the passing being there may not be an interest in the PERSON and the aforementioned *characteristic*..."since they don't love me back, they have nothing more to offer me, so I can completely and totally move on." 

Haha, if we didn't have unrequited love, think of all experiences that would be lost--both good and bad--the friendships that wouldn't exist.... (: A lot of peeps would be machines walking around. Think about it...unrequited love is one of the risks of life. Even the 1-2 people on the adventure scale need SOME excitement.

So....paragraph 5 (line 2 and on) needs clarification.

Infatuation/love are OBVIOUSLY 2 very different things, and I do view them as such. In the case of infatuation, it is just unrequited infatuatoin. I'd say that is absolutely fine, and a good thing. Sometimes, however, it is hard to see clearcut *lines* between infatuation/love. (refer to paragraph 7 for more complete guidelines.) If someone really DOES love another with a true love, then they should continue until there is a certain and definite-- "This isn't going to work out." If someone who really loves someone else fails and falls at the first hardship, there would be no real love. Period. Love is fraught with hardship, and unrequited love is no exeption. That said, infatuation is infatuation is...yeah."

Her: "WOW - wonderful!!  That was beyond what I expected answer wise!

All of what you wrote is very interesting to think about...nice to see someone else's point of view.

One thing...
I asked why when you love someone as a friend, why it moves past that stage for some people, and not for another. I think you misunderstood my question (the paragraph under #3)...I do believe that real love starts out w/ friendship (it's better!!!)...just clarifying that.
But I worded that question weirdly anyway so it was my fault..."

 Me:       "Ah, got it. It did *kinda* sound like you were saying there were times when friendship was skipped, and I was like...whuuuuut? But now I see what you meant. (:

As to that...I really don't know why God has purposed for some people to "move farther" with their friendship into what we could call romantic love. It's just a thing that needs to be experienced, I suppose. I certainly don't understand it. This said, however, I am of the conviction that love between a man and a woman is more special--like the relationship between Christ and the church. For me, there's always also been this...thing, like doing something for one's true love (even though one might do something very similar or the same for a best friend) that sets it apart from being "just" an act for a friend. Not just the big things like perhaps having to give up comfort and certain attitudes, belongings, feelings, or even up to one's life, but also just doing the little things like just being a kind person and doing things--random little things. Does that make any sense at all or is it hopeless rambling? I'm a hopeless romantic underneath, so maybe in that light/mindset it makes more sense, but that's just a thought."

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Random Things for Your Enjoyment.

          So today was pretty swell for no specific reason in particular. God just set the wind at my back.  Incidentally, the wind was howling today, but I was inside most of the time, nice and cozy.  Started the day out with my pastor from Covenant of Grace Church, having breakfast, catching up, and talking a little bit about the gospel of Christ and presenting it to myself as well as those I come in contact with.  I had my usual for breakfast--a nice itty bitty burrito with green chile and....bacon.  Yes, that's good fixin's right there.  With all of that accomplished, I drove into town and got to school with ample time to get settled down, find a nice parking spot, and get my gear together.  By "gear" I mean schoolbooks.  Math class was first, with a homework return and a midterm test!  It felt pretty good and it all seemed to go smoothly.   I got out of that early so I went down to Boba Tea Company to get a nice, cheap drink and pass time until the next class period. 
          One of the things I've been noticing about life lately is how thankful I am for cheerful people, and especially for my friends.  All my friends are good ones, and all my better friends are the BEST!  Anyway, seeing different friends comes and goes with the school schedule and all, but I am getting to see more of   three good friends lately, and they are all a huge encouragement to me. 
          Another cool thing I've been paying attention to is servers, waiters, and waitresses.  Mostly I've been paying more attention to the fast food chain, as more of a person's character comes out there, I think.  Anyway, there is a girl who works at one of the locations, who I usually order from.  She recognizes me when I come in, and we usually chat abit.  Well, I kid you not--it is strange--she makes drinks that taste better than most of the other employees around any of the locations.  I don't know if it's because she has been working there longer, or if she just has some special touch and talent for it, but that's how it is.  Little things like that.  Another cool thing about her is that she is always so cheerful!  Even when I can tell she is tired and wants to get off of work, she still has a big smile on!   Earlier today was that way, and I've just gotten curious.  People who aren't saved by Christ aren't usually that joyful.  there's got to be something more going on, than just a girl who's happy, and I'm pretty sure she is a lover of Christ.  I think I'll ask her about that next time I see her.  
          Came back for the EMS lecture of the day: gynecology.  Teacher said "Today is pretty much just a seventh grade anatomy and physiology lecture."  The guys were like-- do we *really* have to go over this?  The girls were like: "I knew this years ago."  It was all pretty uneventful.  At the end of the lecture we had a
G-RAT, or group readiness assessment test.  That went very well, and at the end of the time, my group got an end grade of 91.5%.  Pretty good for covering 9 chapters, I'd say.  During lunch I ran into one of those best better friends I was talking about, and we talked for a while about random life things, future job plans, and awkward situations, among other things.  I tell you what, enjoy the little things!  On the days you don't have them, I guarantee you will appreciate them for how amazing and how much of a blessing they are!   
Afterwards in lab, we had a substitute teacher who did a great job going over different medical scenarios with all of the students.  All that leads up to where I am right now, glued to this computer monitor, typing away.   

I want to go shooting!  Haha, yes indeed, my trigger finger developed an itch.  Suppose I'll get a cardboard box and tape on a Shoot NC target and head out to a nice remote location and relax for a little.  It is nice to get a hike in from time to time just to enjoy God's creation.  I am confused when people say they can't stand a place, but never take the time to see the beauty in things. *shrugs* That's okay, there won't be so many people tramping all over my firing line getting in my way.  
NOTICE: aforementioned comment was in complete jest, and I in no way, shape, or form intend to shoot at anyone in my way or on my firing line.  *wink*
  I know there aren't many overthought thoughts today, but I suppose I just felt like typing up what's up with me.  So, that's pretty much it for now.  Perhaps next time I'll post a little bit about love and what I think about that. 

Signing out...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Every Christian's Battle

"No soldier in active service entangles himself in the affairs of everyday life, so that he may please the one who enlisted him as a soldier."  2 Timothy 2:4 

Here are a few of the pics taken whil I was on a dynamic training exersize this past week. 
A dynamic exersize like this is no walk in the park.  We hiked a mile in--uphill with 30-50 pound rucks.  Once we got to the range we settled in to do some shooting drills.  Sighting in our weapons was a nice pre-drill warm-up.  We got used to the "dope" (where our weapons fired), adjusted sights, and drilled our breathing, trigger control, and things of that nature.

During our live-fire drills, we covered approximately 200 yards of ground, firing and covering AORs (areas of responsibility) as we went.  The objective was to effectively move downrange as a team, covering and engaging "enemy" targets without harming any "friendly" targets. 
Here were the targets we used...Simulated hostage, friendlies, enemies with weapons, snipers and the like.  One of our jobs was to note and recall all the weapons we saw on the exersize.

Sighting in weapons.  I had some trouble that day and got pretty frustrated, but I have since remedied the problem.

These pictures don't quite do justice to the speed and level of force with which we moved on our drills, but maybe I'll post videos or more dynamic pics in the future. 
Shooters on line.  Three brothers in arms.

          I know this is similar to my post about martial arts,'s a lesson we can all afford to ingrain into our minds more than once. We are all called as soldiers.  A great many Christians do not see themselves as waging spiritual war every day of their lives, but the reality is, it's going on all around us! 
          Look at life as a battle--uniforms, weapons, and all.  Everything we do has a purpose.  All the spiritual teachings we hear and expect to hear gives us more weapons to employ toward Christ's assured victory.  Even though we know Christ triumphs in the long run, there are still battles that we face every day--and we lose many of those. 

Soldiers do not exist to lose battles.  Soldiers exist to WIN battles. 

We aren't supposed get up and get into the battle limp-wristing the weapons we have!  A parallel to this-- most modern handguns, when limp-wristed will function sporadically.  (Video has examples).  We need to go into life every day--every day--every day--with guns maintained and used properly, and our sword honed razor sharp.  The word of God will pierce deeper than the sharpest blade, but if we don't know how to wield it properly, we are just as likely to hurt ourselves by making Christ look less glorious than He is.  Keep in context what I say next. 

God's word will never come back without fruit. 

    This is an ABSOLUTELY true statement.  However...if we render God's word carelessly, apathetically,  wantonly, or watered down,  we are not presenting the unsaved with pure water from God. that will reflect badly on God--the one who we must bring glory to.  As soldiers, we must make sure we are purposing to do everything to serve Christ and honor and uphold the task entrusted to us.  That task is "making disciples of all the nations" --from the Great Commission. 
          Satan absolutely hates us and the fact that we stand for Christ, and he will do anything to get our minds and hearts off of following or LORD.  Satan loves to ambush us and get us so confused and caught up in distractions or sin that we lose focus of the cross. 

Keep focus on learning and allowing the Holy Spirit to refresh your soul with the gospel. 

          Keep in mind--WHEN you sin, don't become so focused on that sin that you take your eyes off of Christ!  the only way to truly and effectively fight sin is to fill your life with God's word.  The Bible is your instruction manual for your fight.  Listen to what God has to say to you through it. 

Fill your mind with wisdom from the Bible and it will overflow to all aspects of your life and wash out the dregs of sin holding to the dark recesses of your heart.

If you adopt the viewpoint that everything you do is to honor and fight for Christ, we will have an easier time of identifying and  resisting the devil's schemes and plots to spiritually ambush you. 

I am guilty of the very things I have been saying not to do.  I get frustrated and so disgusted with my sin that sometimes I lose sight of my goal for a short time, but I can not let it all go on unchecked.  Nor should you.  Bear in mind the great and glorious task which we have been entrusted with.  Don't let your own failings of the past keep you from becoming a better warrior of the cross!  If you are saved, then you bear Christ's name and are positionally righteous in God's eyes. 

Go out, wage war on sin in all its forms, and make disciples!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

One of My Narrative Ramblings...

Alright, here is a story I typed up and sent to a friend about two weeks ago.  I was completely and totally bored to pieces and tired as well.  The tone of the story changes in the middle, which is odd, but it turned out alright.  The story is unedited and in more of a "chat" format.  Here it is... 

So there once was a man.
He was a skinny guy.
Haha, but he loooooved chocolate chips and yogurt.
His name was Vladskiykrov, but We'll call him Vlad.
Vlad, aside from chocolate chips and yogurt also liked machetes.
Yeah, so he was on a vacation to the bahamas on a particularly beautiful day in the month of September.
On this particular day, he decided to leave his hotel near the beach and take a walk through the lush tropical recesses of the island.
The beginning of his journey began believably benign.
Vlad started his treck with some shrink-wrapped chocolate chips, a pack of powdered Gatorade, and his thermos of yogurt.
The path to the forest was thickly covered in foliage, so much foliage, in fact that even though his trusty machete was hacking away furiously left and right, he was presently still hard-pressed to make out the beginnings of the pathay on the jungle floor.
Slicing away at some more of the leafy vegetable material in his path, he was surprised and startled by a loud, resounding *boooooooong* coming from near his left toe.
(There was also pain radiating from his toe to some point proximal to his knee somewhere in his anterior medial thigh.
At any rate, Vlad looked down to see what else, but an acoustic guitar!!! Picking it up, he examined the handwork closely, and found it to be a cheap piece of crap Wal-Mart twangy-dangy guitar.
He liked it anyway, and having a working knowledge of ukuleles, quickly tuned it to ukulele sounds and strummed out a bar of "Sweet Home Alabama".
Finding two extra strings to deal with vexed him, however.
They vexed him to the point of him using them to tie on his glasses with one, and flossing with the other.
Anyway, more on that later.
As he moved on to a rendition of Blow Me Away by Breaking benjamin, he noticed a stunning sight!
A beautiful mermaid had flopped right onto shore in front of his feet!
Out of the pond that he had missed while clearing a path...
Her splashing severely drenched his four-string guitar, but seemed to have not an ill effect on the instrument, but rather a pleasant, ear- soothing gurgle to the tone of the strings.
This pleased the mermaid even more, and she began to sing.
She sang until Vlad's fingers were bleeding and he could no longer play guitar.
At the end of the serenade, another mermaid came to the top, took a puff on his cigarette, then promptly disappeared into the pond again.
(actually that should have said mer*man*, cause it was a *he*)
Well, just like in Pirates of the Caribbean (the last one they made, which I can't remember the name of)
the mermaid grew legs, and followed Vlad, and munching on the chocolate chips Vlad shared with her.
They came to a taaaaaaaaaaaallllll cliff, and the mermaid pulled a pair of reeds from...I don't know, I'm sure she had a backpack of some sort somewere.
anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself!!!!
they agreed to set off *to* the top of the cliff which the mermaid, (whose name was Leila (pronounced like Layla) pointed out.
She said that at the top of the cliff were wonders untold to the human race!!!
So she and Vlad set off to get to the top of the mountain where the cliff was.
Aforementioned cliff was at the top of another cliff, at the top of the picturesque, yet foreboding mountain peak, which rose at a severe angle straight from the jungle floor.
They saw lots of spanish-speaking monkeys, iguanas that looked like Justin Bieber, and macaws and parrots which spoke with Texan accents.
The main topic of discussion was how pre-twentieth century piano music affected modern rap.
They danced along the way to Eminem and LeCrae. Turns out Eminem had accepted Christ....
and was singing about "Christian-speak".
It started to rain pretty hard, so Vlad and Layla looked for shelter.
They found a cozy little brick and bamboo shack in the middle of the jungle.
How it got there, they knew not how, nor had they any reasonings as to why it was constructed not only of bricks, but also bamboo.
Still puzzled about the origins of the domecile, they made passage into the abode, thankful that there was a covering from the rain, which was now turning a reddish tint and smelling of rubber.
Leila Told Vlad as they entered the door, "You know, I can NOT go into a house without flossing. It's just a compulsive thing I have, I suppose."
Vlad looked through his pack throwing out rubber bands, a paper clip remover, wads of tin foil, hand sanitizer, an empty soda bottle, and some ibuprofen. Finally he found one of the two guitar strings he had pulled off the hunk-of-junk Wal-Mart guitar he found earlier.
after flossing her teeth, Leila gave the OK to go into the shack.
The furnishings consisted of a couch, a Television with a blu-ray player, a microwave, and a table with two lawn chairs at it.
After taking one look the mermaid said "This needs lots of work!" and promptly ventured outside to find some decor for the plain interior.
Vlad saw her coming with an armload of every flower imaginable, and some grasses, and a few very friendly birds.
She stopped at the door, and after flossing again, brought her bundle inside.
Over Lunch, Vlad and Leila decorated the tiny house, making it (according to Leila) a "more habitable place".
after a pleasant lunch, they got on their way again, climbing the steep sides of what was known in the mermaid kingdom as Mount Renhalia.
After eight hours of steep, tendon-rending climb, and with darkness imminent, both Leila and Vlad decided it was time to set up camp.
Vlad, having planned on a short hike, brought no tent.
Fortunately for the both of them, Leila knew of a type of bark that repelled the smelly, red rain that periodically drenched the place.
They made a shelter of the bark, had campfire, roasted marshmellows, made smores with the chocolate chips, and settled in for the night.
In the morning they were both as sore and grumpy with their feet as a centipede on a hot rock, so they temporarily went separate ways to take a bath and soak their aching footsies in the hot springs on the side of the mountain.
The journey up the last bit of Mount Renhalia was fairly easy, and very rewarding as the two trekkers crested the peak.
At the top was a pool--a normal looking pool.
Vlad, curious to know what the wonders unbenkownst to the human race were, asked Leila about it.
(Now comes the part where Leila pulles the reeds out of her backpack)
She handed on to Vlad and said "Use it to breathe, we're going underwater for a little."
Vlad hesitatingly looked into the pool, but followed Leila as she waded in.
What he saw inside almost made him gasp and lose his grip on his breathing reed!!!
Unknown to the humans below the cliff, the merpeople had constructed a telescope of amazing proportions.
It was unlike any human telescope ever seen.
The lenses were partially made of water, but the true magnification came from the diamonds--ten foot in diameter, and chiseled, smoothed, and mirror honed by the greatest craftmen's hands in all the mermaid kingdom!!!
To get to the telescope, Leila and Vlad lowered themselves between a small carved gap in two of the diamond lenses.
An underwater diamond bubble telescope seemed beyond belief to Vlad, until he looked around him through the clear precious stones.
The telescope was simply a work of art!!! beautiful in all aspects of it, it worked better--and differetnly-- than any he had ever seen before.
The merfolk had constructed a telescope with a view in almost every direction!!!
The view was clear, kept spotless by the water that surrounded and encased it.
Vlad glanced at Leila, who was rapidly making a transformation back into her mermaid form, with a tail forming where her legs had been.
She, not needing the reed to breathe anymore, told Vlad to surface.
Once again on the top of the mountain, Vlad could see how well the scope was hidden from prying outside eyes. No one could see to the top of such a towering mountain, or get up without a guide from the mer-world.
Leila told Vlad "Nightfall is coming, I want to show you the sky, then I have to go back under the sea."
The time flew quickly, and They were both awed by the sights they saw through the diamond scope. It was a breathtaking few hours as they admired the work of God in the night sky, with all its beauty.
Leila glanced at Vlad and said, I hear my people calling to me, can you?
Vlad listened, heard a faint singing, and nodded, smiling. With a wistful, yet contented glance, he said goodbye to her as they stood on the mountaintop for the last time.
Leila told Vlad "You will not be able to go down the path we came, or the regular way, take my hand and follow me," and walked toward the cliff.
Vlad wondered for a brief second whethere Leila was trying to kill him by death from such a tall height, but thought back to her countenance, and knew she had no harm intended for him.
They both walked to the edge of the cliff and stared straight down into the water. It was such a long way down, a frightening drop from so high, yet Vlad steeled himself and was ready.
Leila spoke then, "Let's go." and they both sprang off the cliff.
Sheer feelings of weightlessness filled v
Vlad, not just from the sensation of falling, but seeing Leila falling beside him, realizing he had a friend in her, and not really caring what happened next.
Whatever the mermen had designed to break the fall from a returning user of the diamond telescope worked beautifully, and slowed the travellers fall to a comfortable drop into the ocean.
Leila helped Vlad back to shore, pushing him so as to escape the tide and get him back to the beach safely.
They exchanged a look of friendship and understanding, and as they parted ways, Leila said "I'll remember this. Thank you."
As Vlad stole one last glance, he said "The thanks should go to you, my friend, and I will never forget these past two days either."
Watching Leila disappear into the waves, Vlad wondered if it was all a dream.
No, that would be too easy.
He decided he would never know what had happened to him, but was content to remember the time.
Times had with friends are the best of times.
They share things that are only known to them
things close to the heart,
paths that will never again be walked by anyone else.
Individual memories that could never, ever be copied, and thus must be treasured.
They may never be had again, but the things learned and remembered will be there forever.
Some friendships are more quiet, not as "loud" as other friendships. Nonetheless, they are just as deep, just as worthy of being treasured.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spiritual...Martial Arts?

          I slid into my natural fighting stance, loose from warm-ups that I had done with the class ten minutes prior, and looked into the eyes of the "BOB" (body opponent bag) on a water base in front of me.  He stared with cold, cruel eyes that are fixed in a glazed evil stare at nothing in particular.  He stood about two inches taller than I do (about 5'8").  Loosely stepping on the balls of my feet, I prepped for the next technique Sensei said we were to do.  "Mawashi-geri!" (or roundhouse kick)  "Two lines, taller people on the right BOB, shorter people on the left BOB!"  My mind worked with calculations on where I would kick him--his left anterior lateral abdomen directly on the floating rib.  Sensei gave one more bit of instruction.  "Ten on each side! Hajime!" (begin). 
          Stepping up to the BOB, I went through the steps of a proper kick.  All the calculations were there, but were automatic--drilled in through continued practice-- I'm going to strike with the anterior tibial area of my leg.  Step with my left foot, planting it left of my intended target and pointing in the direction of my kick.  The knee is the key, bring it as high as I smoothly can and as I let my left leg pull my body as I shoot the kick out.  Snap the kick using my quadriceps into the target's floating rib.  I felt that it was a good, solid kick.  It stung my foot a little where it hit from the impact-nothing to distract me from the task, but enough to be conscious of. 
          The power of my technique rocked the BOB hard.  A few of the other students were watching as I completed my twenty roundhouse kicks.  As I waited for the next round of moves to be announced, I heard one of my fellow students remark half to me and half to the other Karateka that the moral of that story was- "Never attack Corey."  she looked down at my feet which were red from the impact of kicking so hard.  She couldn't understand why I would want to beat myself just doing a kick on a bag!  My response was "Train like you fight." 
          So, we as Christians have a fight on our hands and spiritual enemies to vanquish.  Of course, we can olny do that with God's help, but we simply must keep a training regimen on our spiritual "conditioning".  We can't train half-heartedly and expect to have an easy fight on our hands.  We must train like we fight.  I as a lover of Christ, want to love Him and fight for His cause so much that people do ask me things like- "Why are you so into Jesus?  What makes you like that?  Why do you love him more than everything else?"  Let me tell you all, I have a long way to go, but by God's grace I will be more and more the fighter I was created to be.  I would encourage, yes, I would even order you if I was in a position of authourity, to keep up your regimen.  Be ready for whatever enemies and hardships you face.  Have your combat skills in the word of God honed to a fine art--a muscle memory--so that no calculations are necessary, but you are confident in sharing and showing the gospel of our beloved LORD. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


     Just finished a BIO lab...practiced using a needle for IM (intramuscular) or SQ (subcutaneous) injections.  It's harder than it seems at first.  There's a certain way to inject the never want to put it in reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal slowly, and then squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze like they do in the movies.  You want it to be as quick and pain-free as possible for your patient. 
     Christ's death on the cross was not quick and painless.  He suffered through the worst punishment the Romans could devise.  Hanging on a cross was a punishment reserved for criminals of worst kind, and Jesus suffered greatly not just in the physical sense, but in His separation from God also.
      An amazing thing about it though, is that Jesus suffered willingly for those he chose to save.  A needle put into the arm of a young child may cause him pain and fear even if it is put in by a skilled health care professional.  Needles are by no means pleasant, especially to kids.  I remember I was never too afraid or averse to them, but I certainly can understand why there is such an intense dislike of them.  Jesus did not resist His death, but went "like a lamb that is led to slaughter, And like a sheep that is silent before its shearers, So He did not open His mouth."  Isaiah 53:7b.  One can almost see a similar thing being said of a small child and a needle.  Jesus suffered for us quietly, without complaint.  What is the least you can do for Him?  Well, to start out, love Him as your savior, above all earthly possessions and even your own life.  Suffer the unfairness and hurt of life without complaint, thinking back to the cross, where the ultimate pain was endured meekly, by our dearly loved LORD!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Overthought Thoughts: The Beginning.

         So...I'm at school right now, on break.  I have an EMT-Basic class which Godwilling will jumpstart me into my chosen career field of EMS.  Anywaaaay...Starting a blog was an unplanned, spur-of-the-moment event in the order of the day.  A good friend suggested I post about some of the random thoughts I have from time to time.  Occasionally I will have a flash of inspiration and have some interesting ways of looking at things and abstract ideas.  I'll leave it up to you to decide how "abstract" those may be.  I am going to be following Sarah Butler's blog for guidelines on how to get started, because I have no clue.  Anyway, it's back to class in a few minutes here, and I will continue with getting things going in a while. 

"Now, gird up your loins and arise, and speak to them all which I command you. Do not be dismayed before them, or I will dismay you before them."  Jeremiah 1:17