Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Every Christian's Battle

"No soldier in active service entangles himself in the affairs of everyday life, so that he may please the one who enlisted him as a soldier."  2 Timothy 2:4 

Here are a few of the pics taken whil I was on a dynamic training exersize this past week. 
A dynamic exersize like this is no walk in the park.  We hiked a mile in--uphill with 30-50 pound rucks.  Once we got to the range we settled in to do some shooting drills.  Sighting in our weapons was a nice pre-drill warm-up.  We got used to the "dope" (where our weapons fired), adjusted sights, and drilled our breathing, trigger control, and things of that nature.

During our live-fire drills, we covered approximately 200 yards of ground, firing and covering AORs (areas of responsibility) as we went.  The objective was to effectively move downrange as a team, covering and engaging "enemy" targets without harming any "friendly" targets. 
Here were the targets we used...Simulated hostage, friendlies, enemies with weapons, snipers and the like.  One of our jobs was to note and recall all the weapons we saw on the exersize.

Sighting in weapons.  I had some trouble that day and got pretty frustrated, but I have since remedied the problem.

These pictures don't quite do justice to the speed and level of force with which we moved on our drills, but maybe I'll post videos or more dynamic pics in the future. 
Shooters on line.  Three brothers in arms.

          I know this is similar to my post about martial arts,'s a lesson we can all afford to ingrain into our minds more than once. We are all called as soldiers.  A great many Christians do not see themselves as waging spiritual war every day of their lives, but the reality is, it's going on all around us! 
          Look at life as a battle--uniforms, weapons, and all.  Everything we do has a purpose.  All the spiritual teachings we hear and expect to hear gives us more weapons to employ toward Christ's assured victory.  Even though we know Christ triumphs in the long run, there are still battles that we face every day--and we lose many of those. 

Soldiers do not exist to lose battles.  Soldiers exist to WIN battles. 

We aren't supposed get up and get into the battle limp-wristing the weapons we have!  A parallel to this-- most modern handguns, when limp-wristed will function sporadically.  (Video has examples).  We need to go into life every day--every day--every day--with guns maintained and used properly, and our sword honed razor sharp.  The word of God will pierce deeper than the sharpest blade, but if we don't know how to wield it properly, we are just as likely to hurt ourselves by making Christ look less glorious than He is.  Keep in context what I say next. 

God's word will never come back without fruit. 

    This is an ABSOLUTELY true statement.  However...if we render God's word carelessly, apathetically,  wantonly, or watered down,  we are not presenting the unsaved with pure water from God. that will reflect badly on God--the one who we must bring glory to.  As soldiers, we must make sure we are purposing to do everything to serve Christ and honor and uphold the task entrusted to us.  That task is "making disciples of all the nations" --from the Great Commission. 
          Satan absolutely hates us and the fact that we stand for Christ, and he will do anything to get our minds and hearts off of following or LORD.  Satan loves to ambush us and get us so confused and caught up in distractions or sin that we lose focus of the cross. 

Keep focus on learning and allowing the Holy Spirit to refresh your soul with the gospel. 

          Keep in mind--WHEN you sin, don't become so focused on that sin that you take your eyes off of Christ!  the only way to truly and effectively fight sin is to fill your life with God's word.  The Bible is your instruction manual for your fight.  Listen to what God has to say to you through it. 

Fill your mind with wisdom from the Bible and it will overflow to all aspects of your life and wash out the dregs of sin holding to the dark recesses of your heart.

If you adopt the viewpoint that everything you do is to honor and fight for Christ, we will have an easier time of identifying and  resisting the devil's schemes and plots to spiritually ambush you. 

I am guilty of the very things I have been saying not to do.  I get frustrated and so disgusted with my sin that sometimes I lose sight of my goal for a short time, but I can not let it all go on unchecked.  Nor should you.  Bear in mind the great and glorious task which we have been entrusted with.  Don't let your own failings of the past keep you from becoming a better warrior of the cross!  If you are saved, then you bear Christ's name and are positionally righteous in God's eyes. 

Go out, wage war on sin in all its forms, and make disciples!!!

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