Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spiritual...Martial Arts?

          I slid into my natural fighting stance, loose from warm-ups that I had done with the class ten minutes prior, and looked into the eyes of the "BOB" (body opponent bag) on a water base in front of me.  He stared with cold, cruel eyes that are fixed in a glazed evil stare at nothing in particular.  He stood about two inches taller than I do (about 5'8").  Loosely stepping on the balls of my feet, I prepped for the next technique Sensei said we were to do.  "Mawashi-geri!" (or roundhouse kick)  "Two lines, taller people on the right BOB, shorter people on the left BOB!"  My mind worked with calculations on where I would kick him--his left anterior lateral abdomen directly on the floating rib.  Sensei gave one more bit of instruction.  "Ten on each side! Hajime!" (begin). 
          Stepping up to the BOB, I went through the steps of a proper kick.  All the calculations were there, but were automatic--drilled in through continued practice-- I'm going to strike with the anterior tibial area of my leg.  Step with my left foot, planting it left of my intended target and pointing in the direction of my kick.  The knee is the key, bring it as high as I smoothly can and as I let my left leg pull my body as I shoot the kick out.  Snap the kick using my quadriceps into the target's floating rib.  I felt that it was a good, solid kick.  It stung my foot a little where it hit from the impact-nothing to distract me from the task, but enough to be conscious of. 
          The power of my technique rocked the BOB hard.  A few of the other students were watching as I completed my twenty roundhouse kicks.  As I waited for the next round of moves to be announced, I heard one of my fellow students remark half to me and half to the other Karateka that the moral of that story was- "Never attack Corey."  she looked down at my feet which were red from the impact of kicking so hard.  She couldn't understand why I would want to beat myself just doing a kick on a bag!  My response was "Train like you fight." 
          So, we as Christians have a fight on our hands and spiritual enemies to vanquish.  Of course, we can olny do that with God's help, but we simply must keep a training regimen on our spiritual "conditioning".  We can't train half-heartedly and expect to have an easy fight on our hands.  We must train like we fight.  I as a lover of Christ, want to love Him and fight for His cause so much that people do ask me things like- "Why are you so into Jesus?  What makes you like that?  Why do you love him more than everything else?"  Let me tell you all, I have a long way to go, but by God's grace I will be more and more the fighter I was created to be.  I would encourage, yes, I would even order you if I was in a position of authourity, to keep up your regimen.  Be ready for whatever enemies and hardships you face.  Have your combat skills in the word of God honed to a fine art--a muscle memory--so that no calculations are necessary, but you are confident in sharing and showing the gospel of our beloved LORD. 


  1. What a great illustration! Thanks for the reminder, Corey. :)

  2. You are a great writer Man! Awesome example...I needed to be reminded of that.