Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stuff...and a Ride Along!!!!

          Time for a post that doesn't have a terribly large amount of significance-- something of a personal update more than anything.
          Lately I have been doing mostly nothing but study EMS terms and other items of interest for school and my future career. 
Really, medicine is SO interesting if you know what the body systems do and why they do it.  Ah, I'm sure there are a lot of people who would disagree with that statement, (who wants to know about all that gross squishy stuff inside anyway?)  but hey, pursue what you enjoy and you will always like your job.
          I recently took an ambulance ride with a service in Albuquerque.  That was hands-down the best overnighter I have EVER pulled, and probably up there near the top of the best 12 hour periods in my life.

 It is an amazing thing, being part of the thread of hope that an injured person can cling to.  Conversely, there are people who want help, but don't want to listen to or do what they are asked.  It reminds me of the human relationship to Christ.  Many people want His help, but do not look or listen to what is best for them, but only what they want out of the relationship.  Many "patients" in life do not even want Christ's help at all.  When someone truly cries out to God for help, it gives Him great pleasure to be the light in the dark, hopeless world that seems to close in around them. 
          Anyway...I was the third rider with a medic named Kris and an EVO (Emergency Vehicle Operator) named Felicia.  Kris and Felicia are six and three year veterans of AAS respectively.  They are both outstanding medics, and great to be along with.
          Some things learned during the ride.

1.   Things are NEVER as they seem at first.  (more on that later)
2.   I have a black cloud hanging over me.  People get hurt when I'm out and about.
3.   People ALWAYS lie.
4.   Calls that come in as very serious or life threatening...frequently are not.
5.   And vice versa.  U.S. military veterans will go as far as apologize for taking up your
      time and may even try to tip you for your services--even though they are practically about to die. 
6.   EMS is a LOT of sitting around and waiting for something to happen.
7.   When something DOES happen, it is likely to be a small incident.
8.   Nearly everyone who hurts themselves is either intoxicated or high. (or both. (or has been recently))
9.   The vast majority of patients do not notice or care about how the medic is doing physically, even
       if the medic is coughing and in pain. 
10.  NEVER walk away from the scene of an accident.  Just don't?  For your own good? 
       For me?  And your local EMS?  (; 
11.  NEVER NEVER NEVER do drugs. 
   a.)   or become an alcoholic.
   b.)   or smoke.
   d.)  I won't judge you if you do, but you are killing yourself. 
12.   Ambulances serviced by female paramedics are the most pleasant smelling and clean vehicles you
        will ever have the privilege to be in.  Not even kidding.  
13.   In EMS, one can stereotype and be correct 99.9 percent of the time.

That is all for now... I'll give some more specifics in my next update.

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