Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Brief Update


          I have been so busy lately, my computer time has been seriously limited.  Getting on to check my email has been a rarity, let alone posting on the blog! 

         The past two weeks in short form are as follows:

1. Got hired at the Edgewood Wal-Mart supercenter as a sales associate:
  a.  Hours were 0300 (3:00am) - 1200 (noon), but moved an hour later.  
  b.  Despite it being only an hour later, 4:00am is actually a much better and easier time
       to work than 3:00 - 12:00. 
2. Finals week started...need any more be said?
  a. I just completed my lab assessments, which are basically simulated patient treatments for the EMT.
  b. I'm currently waiting on grades for my math final, which did go very smoothly, and I am not too
      worried about at all.
  c. I have a biology lab final tomorrow.  Early.  Coming in from Edgewood to Main CNM campus.
  d. EMT-B theory final is Thursday!!!
  e. final day of EMT lab is subcutaneous and intramuscular injections.  One performed on a classmate,
      and on performed on me by a classmate. 
3. I'm housesitting for a couple weeks,
4. I am attending an open house for my Civil Air Patrol squadron (High Desert Composite) tomorrow at
    the Masonic lodge on Highway 66.
  a. Heather Wilson is going to be there.
  b. My store manager is going to be there.

          That about sums life up as I can remember it at the moment.  Life is busier than usual, and that is good.  As I like to say, it keeps me out of trouble and off the streets.  My intention at the moment is to take a trip to Santa Fe as soon as I recieve my basic certificate in order to see if I can make it into the May EMT-B exam block for the state of New Mexico.

          I have had little free time recently, but I do enjoy playing a few tunes on my guitar from time to time. 
These are a few of my current favorites and ones I am practicing/polishing.

Those Who Wait by Tommy Emmanuel

Here Without You by Three Doors Down

Here Comes the Sun by The Beetles

Take a Bow by Rihanna

Back in Black by AC/DC

Till next time...adios.

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